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Put It On A Disc Yesterday's Recordings On Today's Media


Send us your VHS/VCR tapes and Vinyl Records and

We'll send them back with digital copies on DVDs and CDs



Transfer & convert your Home Movies from VHS Tape to a DVD

Each Hour of VHS tape converted to DVD for just $ 19.99

Includes DVD Case, insert and movie title printed right on the disc

Includes chapter/scene markers

Custom on-screen DVD menu available for an additional fee




Transfer & convert your Vinyl Record Album to a CD

1 LP Record (both sides) (up to 80 minutes) on CD for just $ 19.99

Includes physical cleaning of record & digital removal of audio pops and crackling sounds

Includes basic track/song indexing (so you can skip directly to your favorite song)

Includes CD jewel case and album title printed right on the disc (no sticky labels)

Album art, other labeling and special track/song indexing available for an additional fee







Prices subject to change without notice